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"Working with Sharon has simply been life-changing. Through her intuitive approach to gyrotonics and pilates, Sharon has helped me reach strength, flexibility and alignment beyond what I thought possible for me. My ballet pointe work has vastly improved and my body has lengthened as a result of working with her. All of this has been provided in an atmosphere of warmth, empathy and encouragement. I am forever grateful!"

— Brenda E.

Ballerinas Sitting in a Circle

"It's the best thing I have done for my body. In my first class, I started feeling my entire body waking up, like I had oxygen pumping thru me. After the class I felt completely energized and felt like I achieved a really good work out. I have been hooked ever since! After a couple months of 2-3 classes a week I was more than thrilled to notice that I was toning and felt stronger in all of the areas that I wanted to see results in and the cellulite on the back of my thighs was gone!! I have also always had problems with my knee being aggravated after long periods of working out and not only do I not experience this after gyro but my knee has been problem free since I started this routine. I finally found a workout that I look forward to doing, is extremely effective, and totally energizing."

— Rose B.


"I started training with Ms. Sharon four months ago to improve my flexibility, ballet technique and to build confidence on my pointe shoes. Each session, Ms. Sharon uses Pilates, Gyrotonic, and rhythmic gymnastics training to help me achieve my over splits and both front and back walkovers on both legs. She encourages me to do more and improve each class. When I first began training with Ms. Sharon I could barely get on the box of my pointe shoes, understand how to use my turnout, I had weak ankles and feet, bent knees and could not do my splits properly. I feel like I have learned so much in such a short amount of time and I always look forward to  working with Ms. Sharon every week!"

Piper A., 10 years old


"I have been a figure skater for most of my life. As a child, I had no experience with ballet or instruction on how to be graceful. I was more of a slightly clumsy but powerful skater. A friend introduced me to Sharon and Gyrotonic. What an awakening of body movement and presentation Sharon has inspired my skating. Sharon's knowledge and lifetime experience in dance and performing is priceless. Along with her cheerful personality, I’ve loved every second of her teachings."

— Julie A.

Figure Skating

"I am a figure skater who trained with Olympic and world champions and has been a coach 40 years. Working with Sharron Savoy has been eye opener. I’ve learned more about my muscles and how they work and it’s made all the difference in my teaching and coaching and I am forever grateful."

— Karen F.

"I have been a Pilates instructor for over 20 years. Me and my practice have become reinvigorated since I started working with Sharon. I believe I have become a better teacher because of the work we've done together. She helps me think about new ways to work with and challenge my clients. As her student, I trust Sharon to help me identify and resolve imbalances in my body to help me create strength in an aligned way. Sharon is also just a joy to be around. I always leave her sessions feeling lighter and happier."

— Dana K.

Pilates Studio

"I am a Structural Integrator/Rolfer which is a style of bodywork that addresses balance and alignment by working with the Fascia. Sharon helped me experience that Gyrotonic is great work to pair with this kind of bodywork to create real lasting change and I appreciate Sharon's unique interpretation of Gyrotonic that allows my body to feel free, fluid and strong. My control, range of motion and flexibility have  all improved working with Sharon. She's a genius about the body and her students are fortunate to have her guidance."

— Katie T.

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